1. Can I get a quote?
Yes, please provide specifics for your request. If you are interested in logo work, please describe to your best ability. "Do your thing" and "Something cool" are not a description. Instead, state what you want the logo to look like, or show a similar style as a reference for what you intend on doing. If you aren't sure, ask to see prior examples.
2. Logo Formats
Your logo has to be provided in vector format. Vector format means that the file has originally been created or drawn in Adobe Illustrator. If your logo is in JPEG,  PNG, GIF or PSD formats, a large scale or high quality print would result in pixelation. This means, when you use these files for professional printing, chances are the result will be blurry. Please ask your designer to provide you with ai, eps or svg files and submit them for review. Please do not attempt to save jpegs as ai files. It will not fix the format.
3. If you are able to paste  your logo into an email as content, it is most likely a png or a jpeg file. This means, it is not a vector. A vector file (extension file.ai, or file.eps) are files that would have to be attached to the email. They cannot be pasted into it. Don't worry about seeing the contents of vector files. If you do not have a vector program, they will not reveal any previews to you. Just attach them and send them over.
5. "Can you touch up my logo?" 
Typically I do not rework other designers' pieces.  If you want to redesign the logo with a similar concept or based around the same idea, we can start fresh and you can get something great designed from scratch. Call it an upgrade from scratch. Request a quote based on your needs.
6. "I'm interested in packaging"
Please provide the specifics of your interest: What kind of packaging (box, bag, pouch, etc) and what you are packaging. If you have an image reference to something that exists, please provide that along with the sizing of your product so that an exact quote can be generated.
2. Mylar Bag inquiries - "Can I get 50 custom bags?
The minimum print requires 10,000 pieces and is suitable for larger quantity producers. If your capacity is only 50-100 bags, your best option for a customized look is to get plain bags and apply customized labels on them. It is not possible to print 50-100 custom direct print Mylar bags. The intensity of the job and the production cost would not be covered by the payment for that quantity.
7. "But another designer quoted me $5 for the logo but i like your work"
If you are happy with the other designers' work, please contact them for the piece. If you however are interested in mine, please respect the quality and pricing and you will not be disappointed.
8. Commenting disrespectful or "think funny" comments on my work regarding personal beef you have with specific individuals or competitor brand will result in you being blocked.
9. "Can i buy this bag/logo/box?" in reference to another client's DESIGN
No, you cannot. All pieces are created for individual clients and no logos, displayed boxes, displayed bags are for sale for other individuals. I do not create pre-made designs.
10. "Ayo can you get me in touch with xyz client?"
No, if you do not have their contact info, please respect that I am not yellow pages and I will not be able to provide you with anyone's contact information.
11. "How much?"
How much what? If no further info is provided, no assistance can be given. Please send a full sentence and specifics of what you are referring to.

To be continued.

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